5 Essential Books for Fledgling Philosophers

You can get your footing fast with these easy-to-read primers

Dustin T. Cox
6 min readMay 17, 2022
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Philosophy can be a daunting subject. At present, there is more philosophy published each year than most people will read in a lifetime — even avid bookworms.

Still, we all want to follow the conversations that matter most and to do so at the highest level of sophistication. We would also like to contribute to those discussions whatever insights we have to share.

That’s why all of us need at least some education in philosophy. Without knowing what avenues and alleyways professional thinkers have already explored or where they are now, it can be difficult to forge truly new and compelling ideas of our own.

Fortunately, there are a handful of books that can get you acclimated to the wide range of philosophical discussion so that you can at least understand the frequently dense and difficult arguments of philosophers.

And, with study and practice, you can use what you learn to chart your own philosophical course.

1. ‘A History of Western Philosophy’ by Bertrand Russell



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